We make sports protection wear for the Aussie athlete. We give you courage when it counts. Gameguardian creates uncompromising sports protection wear for the Aussie athlete. We make products that do more than protect; they help you perform at your peak. We give you intelligently designed products that allow you the confidence to go further, to push harder – sports protective wear that gives you the edge.

Who owns Game Guardian?

Gameguardian is as Australian company owned by sports scientist Mike Vegar and dental prosthetist Lucas Lang. You can read more about the company here.

MOUTH GUARDS - How long does a mouthguard last?

Growing children will normally require a new mouthguard every year. Although the teeth and bones may be growing, the mouthguards are flexible and can accommodate some movement. Older children and adults may not need a new mouthguard annually, however depending on usage should get their mouthguard checked every year.

How should I store my mouthguard?

Store your custom mouthguard in the case provided in a cool area.

How should I clean and care for my mouthguard?

The longevity of your mouthguard depends on its care and use. DO NOT CHEW your mouthguard. DO NOT leave in the sun or hot car. Rinse with cold water after each use. Place in the case until the next use. Periodically brush it with a toothbrush and cool water (no toothpaste). Do not soak or boil your mouthguard as it will lose its shape.

My child has braces. Can they wear an Alpha Series mouthguard?

No, any child with braces must visit one of our five dental clinics and have a custom- mouthguard made.

Where are the custom mouthguards customised?

Once we receive your self-impression kit, your mouthguards are customised in our dental labs here in Western Australia

Is the Self impression system suitable for people with braces?

Unfortunately, the self-impression system is NOT suitable for people with braces. An in clinic impression is a must. Call our clinic on (08) 9300 1515 fo an appointment if you are in WA.

My child has missing or loose teeth. Can he/she wear a mouthguard?

Our technicians check the impressions models for teeth that are yet to erupt and block out the models that create extra space for the new teeth to erupt.

My child has a fixed brace. Can he/she wear a mouthguard?

We can still make a mouthguard that will fit around the brace, and our technicians will ensure that room is left for movement of the teeth. However, the mouthguard will not last as long because of the movement.

IMPORTANT: Braces wearers cannot purchase a self-impression kit. They must arrange an in-clinic visit for the dental prosthetist to customise your mouthguard. Contact us here to arrange an appointment at the closest clinic to you.

What if my mouthguard doesn’t fit?

Mouthguards that don’t fit are a rarity, however if the mouthguard doesn’t fit properly, we will make another mouthguard for you at no extra cost, in minimal turnaround time.

Can I get a custom mouthguard made by visiting one of your clinics?

Yes, just contact us here, and a member of our team will call to organize an appointment at one of our clinics located in Joondalup, Ellenbrook, Leeming, Embleton or Maddington.

How can I customise my custom mouthguard?

You can create a two-colour or three-colour mouthguard. You can also add special graphics on specified mouthguards. These additions are at an extra cost. N.B. Customisation only applies to custom mouthguard, not the Alpha Series mouthguards.

When will I receive my Custom Mouthguard?

You will receive your mouthguard within 10-14 days from the day we receive your impression.

Why Game Guardian mouthguards?

Game Guardian custom mouth guards allow for maximum performance through ease of talking and breathing.  The precise custom fit will allow the guard to stay in place during play and NOT be a distraction as commonly seen with many other guards. Because the guard is made from several layers of pressure laminated material, it has a higher ability to distribute impact forces helping prevent any potential trauma.

I’ve changed my mind. I want to return my custom mouthguard kit.

Providing you have not started the customisation process with yourself impression kit, just download and complete a returns/exchange form here, then send the kit back to us within four weeks of purchase.

The return form must be completed in full; otherwise a refund will not be given.

How do I claim for a custom mouth guard?

Once you order your custom mouth guard online, you will instantly be sent a claimable invoice.
You can then take the invoice to your health fund either online or in person.

How much rebate am I entitled too?

Your rebate amount differs for each health fund and the level of care you have.

We are registered with all health funds.
To find out from your health fund how much they will cover, please quote the following item numbers:

Provider Number: 4025523X (Lucas Lang)
Item Numbers: 014 & 151

Please note, HBF does not allow claims for the Home Impression Kit.

HEAD GUARDS - What type of sports do your head guards provide protection for?

Game Guardian head guards are made with the intention to protect the both AFL football and rugby athletes.. They have also become popular in the windsurfing and kiteboarding community.

How do I care for my head guard?

The exterior material is similar to the material used in Olympic swimsuits that are designed to repel water, with an interior padding consisting of closed cell material that will not absorb water.

Hand wash your head guard in cold water, and then air dry in the shade.

It is essential that you always keep the Velcro tabs attached to each other, when not in use, to keep them in good condition and not lose their adhesive qualities.

Does Game Guardian have a retail store or retail outlets?

No. Our products are available exclusively online.

I have a store/online shop and would like to resell your product. Can I do this?

We’re always on the lookout for like-minded businesses that want to resell our product. If you like to do this, please email us here, telling us briefly about yourself, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

How do I measure my sizing for the head guard?

We have supplied instructions for measuring your head correctly on every product page. It’s easy.

SHIN GUARDS - How do I wash my shin guards?

To wash the Stealth Guard and Phantom Shin Guard, please adhere to the washing instructions on the labels sewn inside. These instructions MUST be adhered to in order for you to get long-lasting joy from your garment. You can throw either of these products in the washing machine, but we recommend only a cold, gentle cycle. Avoid spin drying and do not use the dryer. Heat will damage both the fabric and padding. Air-dry naturally in the shade.

The Intrepido, Compression Sleeve Pocket, Armour Blade Shin Guard and Plastic Shin Guard insert may all be hand washed with a mild detergent. Air-dry naturally in the shade.

Anything else?

Yes! Always keep the Velcro tabs attached to each other, when not in use, to keep them in good condition and to maintain their adhesive qualities.

RETURNS/EXCHANGE/SHIPPING - What is your returns/exchange policy?

For a complete breakdown of our returns/shipping policy, please take a couple of minutes to read our returns/ shipping policy here.

What is your address for any returns or exchanges?

Please send any returns or exchanges to:

Reply Paid 84860
Game Guardian
62 Farrington Rd

How do you ship your products?

We ship all parcels by Australia Post E parcel. Parcels will arrive in most destinations in Australia within 3 to 4 working days. You can read more about our shipping policy here.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, no. At this stage we only ship within Australia.

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