About Game Guardian

Gameguardian creates uncompromising sports protection wear for the Aussie athlete. We make products that do more than protect; they help you perform at your peak. We give you intelligently designed products that allow you the confidence to go further, to push harder – sports protective wear that gives you the edge.

Sport - it’s part of our culture

Growing up in Australia, sport has surrounded us. We’ve been playing, watching and talking sport for as long as we can remember. As with so many Aussies, it’s a part of our fabric, part of our culture. Mates since high school, we’ve both played basketball at a national level and overseas. Later, we went on to study master’s degrees in our given fields: Lucas in dental prosthetics and Mike in sports science. After years of dedicating ourselves to our chosen fields, we’ve merged our professional skills to produce Game Guardian.

Fearlessness is everything

Understanding how an athlete feels and what an athlete wants in the field of battle is an important attribute of product design. We’ve been there ourselves, on both sides of the fence. Working with elite athletes every day gives us an insight into the emotional rollercoasters of injury. This firsthand knowledge has helped us create relevant products for the fearless Aussie athlete.

Zero Distractions. 100% Commitment.

To perform at your peak nothing should stand in your way. The best protective wear should enhance your confidence, allowing you to focus purely on the game – not second guess your commitment. This is why we’ve created products that push the limits – products that are lighter, more streamlined, that buck the trend of outdated traditions. Products that give you courage where it counts.

The team - Mike Vegar

West Australian born Mike Vegar is a sports scientist with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and has been working with some of the nation’s best sporting stars for years. His passion for sport started when he was a kid, and by the time he had reached his teens he was competing at a national level.

Today, as a sports scientist, he works with elite athletes on a daily basis. Fine tuning athletic performance for optimal results is all part of his job, so creating a range of sports protection gear to help improve performance was a natural progression.

The team - Lucas Lang

Another West Aussie, Lucas Lang is a dental prosthetist with a Masters in Dental Prosthetics. As a professional that makes mouth guards and dentures every day Lucas regularly sees patients that have lost their teeth. He witnesses the pain and suffering that this causes and knows firsthand how imperative it is that we do everything we can to keep our own. Because once your teeth are gone, they never come back.

Lucas gives invaluable input into the brand through his professional expertise and also shares Mike’s enthusiasm for sport, having played national level basketball and today still maintains his healthy obsession for Aussie rules.

Gameguardian is here – and growing fast

The preferred choice by Olympians and professional athletes around the nation, Gameguardian products are available online, express delivered to you within two working days. If you’d like to be a distributor, or have what it takes to contribute to our growing brand, drop us a line.

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