Phantom Shin Pad

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Play fearlessly with the anatomically shaped Phantom Shin Pad and compression sleeve.



Size Guide

APPROX HEIGHT<165cm165-175cm>175cm
LENGTH OF GUARD15.5cm17.5cm19.5cm

Shin Pad Technology & Benefits

  • Anatomically shaped pad/guard to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Shin pad pocket keeps guard snug against the leg without tape or holders
  • Secure silicon band prevents slippage while playing
  • Ultra-compression fabric aids in performance & recovery
  • Antimicrobial for hygiene and moisture-wicking comfort

Quiet Confidence

Lightweight protection that lets you focus on the game. With a hard K-resin shell and comfortable, moisture wicking EVA foam backing to keep you dry, the shin guard slides seamlessly into the accompanying breathable Compression Leg Sleeve Pocket.

Designed to enhance recovery time by increasing circulation, the Compression Sleeve Pocket has the dual purpose benefit of tightly securing the Phantom Shin Pad during intense competition.

  • No need for tape or holders
  • Impact resistant K-Resin shell
  • Antimicrobial ventilated fabric to keep you dry
  • A smart all-in-one solution


  • 6% of injuries occur lower limb
  • 50-80% of football / soccer injuries affect the feet and legs
  • lower extremity fractures account for 30-33% of all fractures


  • 6% improvement aerobic/ anaerobic threshold
  • enhancing blood circulation to peripheral limbs
  • reduce blood lactate concentration during maximal exercise
  • enhancing warm-up via increases in skin temperature
  • enhancing recovery by aiding in the removal of blood lactate and improving subsequent exercise performance
  • reduce effects of delayed onset muscle soreness following strenuous exercise

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